Beta Update #3 for Elemental Raiders is being rolled out and will soon be available for download!

Here’s the list of changes for this update:


  • You can see the number of daily chests gained in the treasure room.
  • Added new frames for the skills.
  • New cards added.
  • Several new powers have been added to the pool.


  • The tutorial has been updated.
  • Improved the description screen when you receive a skill from the chest.
  • The profile screen has been updated.
  • Reduce the number of copies needed to upgrade a Skill.
  • Protection now reduces damage from a fixed amount to a percentage amount.


  • Killing a hero with thorns, now triggers the thorn’s damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill order list didn’t change after swapping skills.

Skill Card Changes

  • We have removed the stat increase progression on the following cards:
    • Divine Ray
    • Empower
    • Split Flame
    • Bash
    • Nature Guard
    • Tree of Life
    • Water Bullet
  • Cheers Mate skill stats improved have been reduced from +3 to +2 and the stat’s progression has been removed.
  • Demonic Possession status effect Freeze’s expiration has been changed to End of Round.
  • Portal Jump Changed skill effect changed from Pierce to Focus.

Raid Changes

  • Flame Slime’s Lava Spit now burns the enemy until hit
  • Flame Slime Silver and Gold now gain Explosive Flames skill.
  • Hell Hound now gains Attack every time they attack.
  • Frenzied Hell Hound now attacks a Random Enemy.
  • Lava Elemental Bronze Silver and Gold now gain Molten Smash.
  • Vulcanus has now gained Burning Slap skill from the fourth time that you encounter him and for subsequent encounters.
  • Terrorfin gains a new skill, Bite.
  • Deep-Sea Triton’s skills have been changed.
  • Pirate Shark Silver and Gold have a new skill.
  • Queen Leviatas’ stats increased and the skill Sea Shield has been adjusted.
  • Old Hunter’s skills have been updated.