Beta Update #6 for Elemental Raiders is being rolled out and will soon be available for download!

Here’s the list of changes for this update:


  • Added new skill art cards.
  • Added new SFXs for skills
  • The tutorial has been updated with new missions to complete.


  • Fixed an issue with the Ran collection’s entrance.


  • Flame Wall, the name changed to Scorching Fumes and added keyword Champion.
  • Slash of Judgement, damage adjusted.
  • Flaming Wings’ skill has been adjusted.
Slothy & Quickens
  • Tree of Life skill gives now Thorns.
  • Chain Break reworked to deal Self True Damage
  • Ocean Wave’s damage adjusted and self-damage changed to True damage
  • Depth’s skill defense adjusted.
  • Menace From Below skill has been changed to one hit and damage increased.
  • Freezing Destruction now freezes the enemy and the weak debuff has progression.
  • Phantom Force now draws 1 card.
  • Clobber’s skill has been reworked.
  • Cloud Jump’s skill has been reworked.
  • Iron Staff’s skill has been reworked.
  • Charge skill damage has been slightly reduced.