Hello Raiders!

Beta Update #7 for Elemental Raiders is being rolled out and will soon be available for download!

First of all Thanks for all your feedback. We have a new update with a LOT of changes. Of the hundreds of changes, the most important features are:

Matches are too slow

  • PvP matches now have a limit of rounds.
    • As always, the player who kills three enemy heroes wins.
    • In round 6, the player with more kills wins.
    • In case of a draw on round 6 (sudden death), the first player that kills a hero wins in the following rounds.
  • We massively increase the damage from skills.
  • You can play only 1 instant skill and/or 4 regular skills.
  • Several skills have been balanced to meet this new fast style.

Powers are not impactful

  • We revamped the power system, and now they are called Items:
    • Now on PvP you receive items at the start of rounds 2, 3, and 4.
    • Items can only be attached to one hero and give stats and other special effects.
    • On PvE you receive an item at the start of the second round.
    • On PvE you can equip up to 3 items on the same character.
    • At the start of the raid, you may choose to equip the items for different heroes.


  • New animations and VFXs have been added.
  • New skill art cards have been added.
  • New enemies have been added to Raids.
  • New visuals have been added to the UI and Chest Room.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash.