Tournament Details

Are you ready to ascend the ranks and prove your mettle? Join us in our exhilarating online qualifiers and stand a chance to compete on the grand stage at Dreamhack Valencia!

How it works:

Online Qualifiers: Dive into intense competition with our four online qualifying ladders, held across consecutive weekends starting from October 13th. Battle your way to the top and secure your champion title each weekend!

Playoffs Stage: The stakes get higher as the 4 ladder champions clash in the playoffs. Showcase your skills and strategy, and be among the top two elite players to earn your ticket to Dreamhack Valencia.

The Grand Showdown at Dreamhack Valencia: If you emerge as one of the top two from the playoffs, pack your bags! We’re flying you to Dreamhack Valencia this December. Once there, you’ll face the ultimate challenge – going head-to-head against the two highest-ranked Dreamhack Valencia LAN party players.

So, are you ready to be the next big sensation in the eSports world? Assemble your team of heroes, craft your unique spell combination and embark on a journey to claim your spot among the best. Witness dreams turn into reality, right at Dreamhack Valencia. Let the games begin!

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Tournament Schedule

Qualifier 1

October 13th to 15th


Qualifier 2

October 20th to 22nd


Qualifier 3

October 27th to 29th


Qualifier 4

November 3rd to 5th



November 19th


Qualifier LAN + Grand Final – DREAMHACK VALENCIA

December 8th to 10th


Prizes Breakdown

Qualifying Ladders

Position Prize
1st Place Each ladder winner earns a spot in the Online Playoffs, Mega Magic Chest & 2000 Elemental Crystals
2nd Place Supreme Chest & 1500 Elemental Crystals
3rd Place Supreme Chest & 1300 Elemental Crystals
4th Place Supreme Chest & 1200 Elemental Crystals
5th Place Supreme Chest & 1100 Elemental Crystals
6th to 10th Place Legendary Chest & 1000 Elemental Crystals
11th to 20th Place Legendary Chest & 700 Elemental Crystals
21st to 50th Place Legendary Chest & 500 Elemental Crystals
51st to 100th Place Epic Chest & 200 Elemental Crystals

Online Playoffs

Position Prize
1st Place Trip to Dreamhack Valencia, a spot in the Live Finals, plus $200 in $GFAL
2nd Place Trip to Dreamhack Valencia, a spot in the Live Finals, plus $150 in $GFAL
3rd Place $100 in $GFAL
4th Place $50 in $GFAL

LAN Tournament - DreamHack Valencia

Position Prize
1st Place A spot in the Live Finals plus a Legendary Chest
2nd Place A spot in the Live Finals plus a Legendary Chest
3rd Place Legendary Chest
4th Place Legendary Chest

Live Finals - DreamHack Valencia

Position Prize
1st Place $1,800 in $GFAL and an exclusive, unique skin
2nd Place $1,350 in $GFAL
3rd Place $900 in $GFAL
4th Place $450 in $GFAL

Participation Reward

All participants who complete at least ten matches will receive a Platinum chest

Format & Rules

  • The tournament will be PvP-based, and the ELO rating system will rank the criteria for the matchmaking.
  • In the tournament, players will join using their accounts, but their skill levels will be the same as everyone to create a balanced and equitable competition for all.
  • There is no limit to how many matches a player can play.
  • At the end of the tournament, if multiple players have the same ELO rating, the player who earned the ELO points first will be placed higher in the ranking.
  • By the tournament end date, a snapshot of the leaderboard will be taken, which will be used to determine the winners.
  • Games for a Living reserves the right to dismiss/ban any player from the tournament should they be proven violating our Terms of Use.
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