“Don’t leave so soon, Vulcanus… I haven’t killed you yet”

The Monkey King is so powerful that even the gods tremble when his name is mentioned. For hundreds of years, he lived peacefully at the top of the mountain, in the magical forest of the Spirit Pine Forest.

No one dared to enter his domain, as different tribes settled all around the mountain. The newcomers built temples to worship the Monkey King as the guardian of the Mountain, and a new religion emerged, following the teachings of Kong that quickly spread throughout the monks of this region.

The always funny, impulsive, and reckless monkey was overcome by boredom, and began to travel the world at a fast speed, wreaking havoc wherever he went. He would seek out mighty warriors and engage them in combat, always undefeated.

Unable to find a proper challenge or foe to face, Kong returned to his homeland. Overflowed by grief he began to feel the calamity of what was to come, as the ground beneath him began to tremble.

What was presented as a catastrophe for the inhabitants of Runaria turned out to be an opportunity for the Monkey King to finally meet the stronger opponents he so much hankered for. Wielding his staff, he gazed at the horizon while Runaria crumbled.

From that moment on, Kong battled the Evil God’s henchmen across the globe while looking for a worthy adversary.

On the cross of his journey, he reached the destroyed city of Eureka, where he engaged Vulcanus in a battle that lasted three days and three nights. Little is known about what might have happened during these days, although Kong is said to have departed the city with his fur scorched while the volcano that had destroyed Eureka split in two.