Hello Raiders!


  • You can now upgrade a skill multiple times at once if you have enough copies & runestones.
  • Legendary skills have now an improved visuals in the final cosmetic level.
  • You can now pay Elemental Crystals to unlock extra daily chests.
  • You will be disconnected from the game if you stay AFK for too long.


  • Several UI elements have been improved in all screens.
  • Several God Items have been changed.
  • The combat log has been updated with more information.
  • Several enemies and heroes textures have been updated.


  • Fixed some typos in both English and Spanish texts.
  • Fixed an issue with some skills’ sounds that were not sync.
  • Fixed an issue with wide display resolutions.
  • Fixed a display issue when a skill reached level 10.
  • Fixed an issue where Vulcanus was not killeable at stage 30.