Hello Raiders!
Progression rewards are here. Unlock new arenas and discover more about the fantastic places of Runaria.


  • Players can now customize their profile with an Avatar.
  • Progression rewards added. Players now unlock arenas with awesome rewards.
  • Once you unlock an arena (300,600,900,…) you can no longer go below the entry rating, which makes unlocking all heroes and skills easier.
  • If you lose a match below 600 rating you’ll only lose 1 rating point. That helps towards unlocking Heroes and skills during your first game experience.
  • We have added a penalty system for those players who leave the match early.


  • Explosive detonator now has a VFX.
  • Arena matches are now resolved once the result screen appears, preventing the issue of losing the match if you go AFK after winning.


  • Fixed an error with Pouch of Gold that showed no stats gained when it was increasing Attack by +10% and it should’ve been increasing Critical Chance by 20%.
  • Fixed a description error with Captain’s Hat that showed +20% Max Health when it was applying a +15% increase.
  • Fixed several issues while going AFK.
  • You can no longer surrender the game after the match ends.
  • Fixed several missing translations in Spanish.
  • Master Puti’s Training VFX appears now on the target.