Hello Raiders!

Hello Raiders! The new season has begun, the Veiled Gods are here!


  • A new loading screen for PvP matches where players can see their opponent’s setup.
  • Added the option to reconnect if the player loses connection.
  • You can now taunt your opponent using the new Emotes system.
  • Arena matches will now have the chance to take place in Veiled Arenas where new Items will be offered.
  • Players in The Wastelands Arena and above will be subject to Trophy resets.
  • Players will receive a Chest and an Avatar depending on their PvP and PvE Leagues.
  • A new offer is available in the shop for the players that achieve Terrorfin Arena.
  • Players can now change their username by clicking on it in the Home screen.
  • New status effects: Ignite and Concentration.


  • Many skill art cards, skills VFX, keywords, and Status Effects icons have been updated.
  • Several skills have been adjusted. You can visit elemental raiders website for more information.
  • The Nature Hound in Yggdrassil has been updated.
  • New visuals for error messages.
  • Updated the Dialogue visuals for the tutorial and raids.
  • Several screens have been improved.


  • Fixed items being smaller with different screens.
  • Fixed many English and Spanish texts in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where dispelling a frozen character didn’t move their skills back to their original order.
  • Fixed a bug where losing in a raid while killing the last enemy at the same time didn’t advance you to the next stage.