Hello, Raiders!
This is a small hotfix to fix critical bugs from the last update.


  • Added missing French and PT-Brazil translations.


  • The targeting system is being reworked, the first few visual changes are live.
  • In-game fonts have been updated.


  • Fixed a desync issue that forced a surrender while preparing your turn under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a timer bug where some rounds ended with the counter still ongoing.
  • Fixed a bug where Raid’s ranking buckets were not loading properly on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug with the purchases through Google Play.
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD’s Vulnerable VFX had the wrong size in PvE.
  • Fixed a bug where Takeda’s Cursed Blade icon was appearing as a white square.
  • Fixed a bug with the indication arrow during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug with the resolution of Ran’s image during Tutorials.
  • Fixed a few minor visual inconsistencies.
  • Fixed some localization errors.