Hello, Raiders!
Season 1 has come to an end, expect a ladder soft-reset and rewards depending on your highest rating! With a few balance changes, targeting the least played Spells.
We continue to work on making the game more accessible for everybody and we would like your feedback on our new targeting and preview systems.

Spells Balance Changes

  • Many Starter Spells have been updated to gain some of their Status Effects and Conditions through level-up.
  • Removed the “Champion” and “Enforcer” keywords from all Spells.
  • Weak Status Effect has been changed to reduce the damage of the next attack played instead of lasting a round. Values have been reduced accordingly.
  • Water Bomb, Phoenix Bolt, Flower Beam: Removed Purge improvement from level 10 progression.
  • Water Fortress, Cleanse, Concealment, Regrowth, Channelling of Life: Removed Dispel improvement from level 10 progression.
  • Freezing Destruction: Damage increased.
  • Water Cloak: Shield values increased.
  • Cleanse: Now heals an ally and Dispels all allies through Fire Combo.
  • Phoenix Raze: Removed damage and Weak for Ignite.
  • Fluky Bomb: Bomb value increased.
  • Bodhidharma’s Fall: Removed Surge and given Strong (Self).
  • Brawns or Brains: Changed Water Combo for Nature Combo.
  • Hurling Stone: Now gives Fortify to all allies.
  • Burning Heart and Walk Alone: Now have numerical values for healing and shield instead of using MaxHP %.


  • Added end of season avatars and skin.
  • Added spell prediction to preview the outcome when preparing the round.
  • Added two items, with their mech and spirit counterparts.
  • Added an animation to show the item your opponent chose at the start of the round.


  • Changed and normalized most of the items to use flat values instead of percentages.
  • Changed the targeting system: spells must always be dropped on the targeting area.
  • Changed the display of the spells to simplify and highlight its effects. You can click on them to read the description.
  • Shield is now displayed as a separate bar instead of merging with the life bar.
  • Several passive effects, items and combat phases are now shown during round visualization.
  • Changed the floating text visuals.


  • Fixed a timer issue that skipped your turns until restarting the app.
  • Fixed a bug in which, if you lost connection and reconnected after the timer had already ran out, you wouldn’t reconnect properly and the message “Opponent’s reconnection taking too long” would incorrectly appear.
  • Fixed Poisonous not triggering when dying.