Hello, Raiders!
With this update, we continue our progress in changing the overall UI and game loop. This is an ongoing process that we plan on continuing while we carry on developing and integrating all the incoming Web3 features.


  • Added new item rarity: Epic.
  • Added 10 new items with their Spirit and Mech versions.
  • Added new quest system: complete daily and weekly challenges and track your journey with one-time Achievements to receive rewards.
  • Added a new starting Arena, ranging from 100 to 300 Trophies, and integrated into the tutorial.
  • Added icons for Adjacent and Self-targeting.
  • Added the option to upgrade spells directly in the Treasure Room.


  • Items are now unlocked depending on your Arena Progression.
  • Chances for Spirit and Mech matches reduced for players under 1200 Trophies.
  • Added the combat phases “Start of Round” and “End of Round”. Items that trigger on those phases will now show all their effects together instead of one by one.
  • Increased the targeting size of Titans in raids.
  • Fused the Healing and Defense stats into one. Items that increase Heals or Shields will increase both.
  • Fused the Support and Influx behavior into the Support Buff.
  • Changed the game logic to make it so a match result of 3-4 gives the win to the player with 4 kills instead of considering it a tie.
  • Empower now uses the same visuals as Combo and Triforce spells to indicate when the condition is met.
  • Changed the visuals of the spells.
  • Changed the visuals of the Spell Details/Upgrade panel.
  • Art redone for Giovanna’s Hex Spells


  • Item balancing:
    Items are now divided into three rarities and all values have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Status balancing:
    After the previous Weak changes, we observed low amounts for AoE Weak Spells. We increased by 5% all AoE Weak values.
    Aftershock: Reworked to deal flat damage at the end of every round (instead of per each buff gained) and changed to last until the Hero Rests (spends a full round without playing Spells) instead of a single round.
  • Spell balancing:
    Tremor: Aftershock values increased because of the changes in the Status Effect.

Spell Preview

  • Added a toggle button to disable the Spell Preview.
  • Status effects that appear or change during the preview of spells now have a visual effect to separate them from real ones.
  • Spells with random targeting now show a preview when there’s only one possible target.
  • The spell preview feature is now explained in the tutorial.
  • Fixed the preview of the Empower mechanic.
  • Fixed previews not taking into account “Horn of the Goddess”.
  • Fixed “Yggdrasil Branch” not adding Protected in previews when triggered.
  • Fixed “Water Drill” not showing the extra damage gained by activating its Fire Combo in previews.
  • Fixed “Therabots” not displaying the right amount of healing in previews.


  • Fixed bombs not exploding in round 6 when the score isn’t tied.
  • Fixed “Vulnerable glow” in HUDs missing their orange color.
  • Fixed Spirit Demonic Statue not triggering for the rest of the match after the hero with the item dies.
  • Fixed some items giving an incorrect amount of stats.
  • Fixed the “Target changed” message appearing when Dizzy didn’t change the target.