Veiled Arenas

In Veiled Gods, new item mechanics in Arena are introduced.
There will now be two types of veiled arenas: Spirit and Mech.

Spirit Veiled Arenas

"The Spirit God has tapped into the realm of items and has infused them with a mysterious energy, altering their attributes in unpredictable ways."

Jinn’s Mask and Wraith Companion can be found in all Spirit arenas.

Mech Veiled Arenas

"The Mech God has descended from the heavens and, with its unmatched technological prowess, has infused all items with powerful energy, boosting their attributes to incredible levels."

Quantum Shield and Therabots can be found in all Mech arenas.


New Items

In Season 1: Veiled Gods, we introduce four new items:

Quantum Shield

"Mecha God followers used Quantum Dome technology to protect their sanctuaries, which was later stolen and turned into personal units."

At the start of each round, randomly gain Stealth or Reflect 30%.


"Scientists created Therabots as microscopic nanobots for tissue repair, later repurposed as healing tools for battle."

After playing a skill, restore 5% of Max Health per mana point spent.

Jinn's Mask

"Jinn, guardians of the Spirit God's priests, wear mystical masks that enhance their ability to focus solely on their intended purpose."

At the start of each round, gain Concentration.

Wraith Companion

"Arcanists from various regions attempt to seize Mana, a power source for apparitions from the Spirit God, to drain their power for their own gain."

Hero Instant skills only cost 1 mana.

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Players can now express themselves using fun and interactive emotes during battles, such as waving, crying, and even taunting their opponents. Try out the new emotes and show off your personality!

Improved Mechanics

Balance changes

After a successful preseason, we present you with the following balance changes: