We are thrilled to announce our latest strategic partnership with Avocado DAO, a collection of contributors and builders who believe in the benefits of blockchain technology and have joined forces to build a better future for the metaverse

Avocado DAO is reaching new heights and broader horizons everyday. The partnership and investment shows how committed both parties are to the growth and development of Web3 gaming as it shifts to a longer term and more sustainable model.

Games for a Living x Avocado DAO

Needless to say, our partnership with Avocado DAO is very exciting. By working together with the community, the guild will pursue actions that create a positive and lasting impact.

To celebrate the partnership, Games for a Living will gift 500 NFT Chests of Games for a Living studios’ first game, Elemental Raiders, to the Avocado DAO community, where every chest contains 3 skins (1 common, 1 rare, 1 epic) that besides improving the in-game characters models also act as NFTs, giving holders a play-and-earn status with 5 arena tickets ~ Players can start earning tokens from launch day.

  • Providing accessibility and opportunities for their Avocadian scholars to  get involved through multiple games in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Extending initiatives and assistance to their scholars and communities, such as a PvP Elemental Raiders Tournament.
  • Partnering with NFT projects to push for the sustainable development of the Avocadian community and blockchain-gaming industry.

What is Avocado DAO?

A blockchain gaming association that highlights the #GameFi business model. In this system, gamers have an opportunity to earn and play the games that they love. They’re rewarded with digital assets that can have real-world value. These assets can be used to purchase in-game items or traded on secondary markets for rewards.

While commenting on the new partnership, Co-Founder, Brendan Wong said that the partnership contributes to the overall vision of Avocado DAO:

“We invested in Manel Sort and Games for a Living because of the team’s experience in creating, launching and shipping commercial titles such as Candy Crush for the gaming industry’s top legacy publishers…. We look forward to working with the team and pushing blockchain gaming to the next level.”

“Our partnership with Avocado DAO allows Games for a Living as well as Elemental Raiders and all of our other upcoming titles to take a long-term approach towards empowering the Web3 gaming community”, said Manel Sort, CEO and Co-Founder of Games for a Living. “Through using our initial game assets, they will get early access to our first games releasing this September, and help us shape the future of Games for a Living”

Avocado DAO serves as an umbrella of support for their gamers. They believe in three philosophies within their ecosystem that are: enrich, educate, and empower. “The transition from Avocado Guild to Avocado DAO will slowly allow the Avocadian community to be in control of how the DAO’s investments and activities are run and the future direction of the Avocado metaverse. We envision that Avocado DAO will eventually be governed by Avocado token holders in a decentralised and permissionless fashion” said the co-founder. Both parties strive to improve user experience all over the world, through gamefi. “We are proud to enrich the future of the metaverse and to improve people’s lives by their actions in the virtual world.”

About Games for a Living:

Games for a Living is a blockchain gaming platform created by a team of seasoned and experienced video game industry professionals. The ecosystem consists of a game development engine, launchpad, software development kit, a full-stack exchange with an integrated wallet and a broker as well as its very own $GFAL token which serves as the underlying token across its games.

The first game developed and published under Games for a Living is called Elemental Raiders, set to launch in September 2022, with many more to come along the way.

Find more information about Games for a Living’s upcoming game, Elemental Raiders:
Telegram | Twitter | Elemental Raiders Discord

Find more information about Games for a Living:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Twitch

About Avocado DAO:

Avocado DAO aims to develop a better understanding and provide an uplifting experience for its community and beyond. Avocado DAO allows its communities to be in control of how the DAO’s investments and activities are run and the future direction of the Avocado metaverse.

Avocado DAO is dedicated to inspiring NFT gamers to thrive while also helping the world transition to a digital economy. Avocado DAO emphasises the importance of making a positive impact on people’s lives. Education, motivation, and digital tools are some of their main objectives in empowering guild member.

Follow Avocado DAO for more information on this partnership and other opportunities to come:

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