Samsung smartphone and tablet users globally can now download Games for a living’s Elemental Raiders from its Galaxy store.

Our journey within the magical worlds of Runaria has been exciting so far, with launches on Steam marketplace, game launchers as well as the infamous play and earn mechanisms. Now, we’ve got something even more exciting to share with you. Samsung has officially launched Elemental Raiders to its Galaxy store, granting smartphone and tablet users access to our game globally.

Elemental Raiders, although built on the GFAL blockchain, hosts itself on the Steam marketplace without any blockchain or play-and-earn features, and is now added in a similar fashion within the galaxy store. The Samsung Galaxy Store is home to more than 400 million global active users per month, according to statistics.

While Games for a living’s Elemental Raiders will be available from Thursday, 16 March, 2023; it will only be a game without any on-chain, play and earn or blockchain features involved. The concept and mechanics will follow suit to Elemental Raiders’ launch on Steam marketplace in Q4 2022.

Games for a living co-founder Manel Sort said the addition of GFAL’s game Elemental Raiders on the Samsung Galaxy Store was “yet another milestone” for the company; and another step towards “mass adoption of blockchain built, capable games.”

“We’ve been overjoyed with the success of Elemental Raiders so far, and the addition of our game on the Galaxy Store serves our vision of gaining mass adoption towards what we’re trying to build within the Web3 gaming ecosystem”, said Manel.

Download the game now in the Samsung Galaxy Store.