Game Updates

Season 2 Finale and Season 3 Kick-Off

Season 1 officially concludes on Monday, September 4th, so don't miss your opportunity to claim your rewards!

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New Items Added!

Meet the Restless Blades and the Maelstrom Essence, two items crafted to amplify the strategic depth that you love about the game.

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Season 1 Rewards

Season 1 officially concludes on Monday, September 4th, so don't miss your opportunity to claim your rewards!

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iOS Soft Launch

We have thrilling news! The soft-launch of Elemental Raiders for iOS has officially begun in selected countries.

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Android Soft Launch

We have thrilling news! The soft-launch of Elemental Raiders for Android has officially begun in selected countries.

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Pre-season Rewards

Pre Season Rewards

We are delighted to announce that the Pre Season of Elemental Raiders is ending soon! We would like to express our appreciation to all players who have participated and contributed to its success thus far.

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Season 1: Balance Changes 4

Nature Heroes’ pick rate in the tournament was quite high, we needed to address some important issues with Stompy and Tranquility skills. On the other hand some Nature skills were not seeing enough play. Slothy & Quickens and Freyana are the ones receiving the most changes for this preseason.

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Fire Heroes

Season 1: Balance Changes 3

Fire Heroes have been consistently used, in part because they are the first element to be fully unlocked. However, we see a bit of a drop in tournament play and higher ratings, so to address this we made a few changes which are mostly buffs.

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Water Heroes

Season 1: Balance Changes 2

Water element Heroes have been used quite consistently. As we showed in the last post, some of their most present mechanics have been adjusted (Madness, Fear and Lethal).

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New Items

Season 1: Balance Changes 1

After a successful preseason, a careful analysis of the tournament play and the invaluable input of our community we present you the following tentative balance changes.

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Triumphant Giovanna

Season 1 Announcement

As the pre-season draws to a close, we prepare to embark on a new journey into Season 1. While we can't reveal the exact date just yet, expect it to arrive during the third week of April.

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Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung’s Galaxy Store Launch

Samsung smartphone and tablet users globally can now download Games for a living’s Elemental Raiders from its Galaxy store.

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Scarlet Igniel Update

Scarlet Igniel Updated

Igniel's story continues, a tale of fire, war, and justice, as he stands tall against the Evil Gods and their never-ending hordes, always ready to defend the kingdom of Runaria from the forces of evil.

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Takeda Lore

Takeda, The Wanderer Samurai

On the Boundless Rain, a lonely island, once was a hidden settlement, where a young Takeda grew up learning the ways of the sword, following the path of the rain. A technique that combines the sharpness of the sword and the gentleness of the water.

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Giovanna Lore

Giovanna, The Lady Reaper

Born to one of the most potent infernal families, followers of the Evil Gods, she found herself elevated above others from an early age due to her ruthless personality.

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Slothy & Quickens Lore

Slothy and Quickens, The Beast Kings

Everything in Runaria is surrounded by magic. As the wonders of magic permeate them, forests expand, and animals, trees, and even stones gain sentience.

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Ran Lore

Ran, Water Magus

While gnomes are known for being inventors and tinkerers who use fire as fuel for their creations, a small percentage of gnomes have chosen a different route and follow the currents of magic in order to connect with the water spirits.

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Servius Lore

Servius, Chainbreaker

When the Evil Gods arrived at Runaria, they brought armies of thousands of warriors. Hundreds of demon-like creatures engaged in battle under the banner of Vulcanus, while summoning the powers of the fire.

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Kong Lore

Kong, The Monkey King

The Monkey King is so powerful that even the gods tremble when his name is mentioned. For hundreds of years, he lived peacefully at the top of the mountain, in the magical forest of the Spirit Pine Forest.

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Igniel Lore

Igniel, Archangel of Patience

On the tallest building in the Skyhigh, the most powerful archangels gathered to discuss the events of the catastrophe.
The debate was heated. The other council members disagreed with Igniel's plan to lead the angels in combating the Evil forces.

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Reef Lore

Reef, The Tidewarrior

Atlantians are the subjects of countless myths and stories. Believed to be the long-existing human race who lived on the Forgotten Isles, they are a sea race that has mastered the control of the oceans.

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Freyana Lore

Freyana, The Salamandria’s Oracle

Freyana was born just before the era of the catastrophe in the Greenmist Forest, under the legendary Yggdrasil’s tree. She comes from an ancient lineage, a long-gone tribe known as the Salamandrians. Peaceful beings who lived in a harmonious society under their beloved tree until the Evil Gods arose.

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