“The fire of justice is here. We will strike the evil from this Realm!”

On the tallest building in the Skyhigh, the most powerful archangels gathered to discuss the events of the catastrophe.
The debate was heated. The other council members disagreed with Igniel’s plan to lead the angels in combating the Evil forces. Igniel slammed the table with his fist, sending flames across the table. Filled with rage, he fled the city of Skyhigh and went into battle alone to fight the never-ending worriers of the Evil Gods.

Fire, war, and justice are central to Igniel’s tale.
Born from a secret holy flame of Runaria, his fire has the power to cleanse any corruption, making Igniel the nemesis of all evil creatures. Setting his sacred sword ablaze, he mercilessly slashes his enemies without hesitation.

Much of the culture of the human kingdom was inspired by his legend as one of the pillars and protectors of Runaria. All over Runaria, there are statues, busts, and paintings of the flaming Archangel, who has come to symbolize valor and power in the face of the Evil Gods.