All these changes are subject to change and they are only informative.

Fire Heroes have been consistently used, in part because they are the first element to be fully unlocked. However, we see a bit of a drop in tournament play and higher ratings, so to address this we made a few changes which are mostly buffs.


Igniel is receiving two quality of life buffs.

Igniel Portrait



Cleanse now has Fire Combo: Dispel self.

Having Cleanse dispel only adjacent allies made Igniel rely on getting Horn of the Goddess or teaming up with another Dispel user. Now he can Dispel his team and himself.

Holy Mirror

Holy Mirror starting amount increased.

Holy Mirror was played a lot more in the tournament than in Arena ladder. We reviewed the progression and changed it from 50%-80% to 60%-80%.


Servius represents the glass cannon archetype. We hardened the glass side giving him a defensive option and we empowered the cannon side by improving his Bomb build.

Servius Portrait


chain explosion

Chain Explosion reworked:
  • Bombs an enemy
  • Increases all bombs on the enemy
  • Detonates all bombs

This skill now allows for a good combo with other Bomb Skills and gives Servius the option to detonate bombs before they can be dispelled besides Bombageddon.

bf bomb

B.F. Bomb status effect is now Mighty and the amount reduced.

Bombs have a few counters, we wanted to give Servius a Bomb that can’t be prevented or dispelled. This signature Servius skill is now unavoidable.

Chaos Bolt has been changed:
  • No longer Draws skills
  • Damage increased
  • Gives a powerful random debuff (Fear, Break or Doom)

New - Doom: Curses the enemy permanently, reducing the healing and shield received.


Hot spot now gives Servius Stealth but damage has been slightly reduced.

With this change, Servius now has a defensive mechanic to hide from enemy attacks.

Erratic Bolt has now Nature Combo: Both hit the same target.

Random target attacks are cool and they deal more damage, but sometimes you would have preferred to hit the same target with both hits, so we give this option with a Combo.


Giovanna is in a good place, so we only made some small adjustments to her and reworked her most out of place skill to create new builds that benefit from debuffs.

Giovanna Portrait


Volcano's Rage has been reworked:
  • Cost reduced to 4.
  • Silence and Curse removed.
  • Ignites all enemies.

Giovanna was always the master of debuffs and with this new mechanic you’ll be able to build and play around with that.

New - Ignite: Deals damage to the target when receiving a debuff. Expiration Rest.


Enfeebling Hex Weak increased.

This was one of the least played skills even if it has good numerical value. Weak amount increased from 25%-50% to 30%-55%.

Flamequake now has extra Critical Chance

This legendary signature Giovanna skill needed a bit of a boost to be competitive with others, we think with this added +25% Critical Chance it will see more play.