“Oh, my devil companion, I can still hear your voice, like a dagger in my heart.”

On the Boundless Rain, a lonely island, once was a hidden settlement, where a young Takeda grew up learning the ways of the sword, following the path of the rain. A technique that combines the sharpness of the sword and the gentleness of the water.

He spent his time training in the ways of the sword while also developing his calligraphy, poetry, and drawing. He swiftly surpassed other students thanks to his exceptional talent, earning the praise and admiration of his masters and elders.
A humble disciple, Takeda was immersed in his training, gradually becoming a pillar for his village. No one could cross swords with him, not even his masters.

But all that changed the day Takeda was summoned by the Chief of the Village, before all the elders. The chief revealed the secret about the ancestors of the boundless Rain Village. They formed part of a famous sword sect with the sole purpose of capturing and sealing demons. The sect was destroyed in a surprise attack, and a number of demons managed to escape. Barely able to escape, the sole survivor of this attack, a member of the sward sect, fled west until he reached the ocean.

He became the founder of the Boundless Rain Village, but he was not alone; a powerful demon had been sealed on him. The Chief proceeded to explain how the village was guarding the demon seals and how they managed to imprison Ayakashi, inside the most powerful samurai around.
Takeda was shocked by this revelation, but he quickly accepted his fate as the next vessel, accepting it as his destiny.

The moon was high in the sky as the ceremony commenced and the old chief began to release the demon from his soul. To prevent any mishap, all elders were guarding him, but nobody could anticipate what followed.

The island started to tremble as the Evil Gods invaded it and Ayakashi broke free from his seal. A massacre was inevitable, from which only two of the island inhabitants survived: the Old Chief and a young genius, Takeda. The demon spared them so that they could witness the horrors of his bloodthirsty wrath.

As tears fell from Takeda’s eyes, an unknown power brewed inside him. With all his strength, he sealed the demon in the closest thing to him, a Calabash.

The demon’s soul and Takeda’s were now fused. He took it upon himself to bury all the villagers before departing. From that moment, he travelled the globe, never lingering, for he feared to get too comfortable and find a place to call home and eventually bring havoc there.