“Never accept your fate, break the chains!”

When the Evil Gods arrived at Runaria, they brought armies of thousands of warriors. Hundreds of demon-like creatures engaged in battle under the banner of Vulcanus, while summoning the powers of the fire.

The origins of the Imp race are unknown. As a race enslaved by the Infernal God, they are used as cannon fodder in his invasions. The mysterious chains the imps wore were used by the Evil Gods to bind the imps’ souls, forcing them to blindly obey their commands and never to rebel.

During the invasions of Eureka, a youngling Imp by the name of Servius chased a group of terrified gnomes and cornered them into a small workshop. Fear and despair were evident in the gnomes’ eyes as the older one took a crafting tool and tried to hit the Imp, only for the attack to be blocked by one of his shackles. A crackling sound resonated through the room. The shackle broke, and Servius, incredulously, witnessed the binding of his soul dissipating. That marked the start of the rebellion, the liberation from the slavery imposed by the Evil Gods.

All the imps shouted the same phrase that day: “Break the chains.” Hundreds of imps rioted against their former masters and fought the Infernal legion and its warlord Vulcanus.

Servius quickly assembled a crew of imps and formed the Firebreakers Warband. He left the ruins of what was once the city of Eureka with his new team prepared for battle, and became soldiers of fortune, a group of mercenaries only moved by the highest of bids.

Far from being the most dependable team of mercenaries out there, as their loyalty sides only with money, their results are truly outstanding. They bring fire and destruction wherever they show up.