“Know me and tremble. If you beg me, maybe I’ll stop him.”

Everything in Runaria is surrounded by magic. As the wonders of magic permeate them, forests expand, and animals, trees, and even stones gain sentience.

Territories were established within the Thousand Beast Range Forest, each one ruled by a terrifying beast. The Ice Phoenix, a haughty and chilly bird, ruled the north. The elderly White Sage Tiger controlled the territory to the east, constantly engaged in combat with the Beast of the West, the Wise Hunchback Penguin.

Several species fought for control of the southern provinces, constantly at war. There, an odd pair challenged all mighty beasts. They were referred to as Slothy and Quickens. The muscles and the brains. They have quickly risen to the rank of Beast Kings, but they have larger ambitions and want to rule as the Kings of the World.

They left the forest, aimlessly wandering the world as inseparable partners. Slothy’s great endurance and unstoppable might combined with Quickens swift reflexes and quick reasoning complement each other to perfection.

They left the forest and aimlessly travelled the world, as partners, always together. In combat, they complement each other with the superior stamina and the unstoppable force of Slothy, and the lightning reflexes and fast thinking of Quickens. Their adversaries stand no chance. They make the perfect duo.