“I wish for peaceful times, death… destruction… never ends”

Freyana was born just before the era of the catastrophe in the Greenmist Forest, under the legendary Yggdrasil’s tree. She comes from an ancient lineage, a long-gone tribe known as the Salamandrians. Peaceful beings who lived in a harmonious society under their beloved tree until the Evil Gods arose.

Freyana was endowed with a strong connection to all living things when she was a youngster and was able to hear the plants around her. She mastered the secrets of nature and evolved into a kind, innocent being incapable of harming anyone.

But everything changed after the catastrophe, a cataclysmic event that would forever alter the face of Runaria. The majority of Salamandrians gave their lives to defend their homeland against the sundering destruction and the hordes of the evil legion.

Freyana and her family were trapped in a small village surrounded by destruction and enemies. Thanks to the sacrifice of the villagers and her parents, she escaped death and reached the depths of the Greenmist Forest, where the last of the Salamandria’s kind were battling the forces of the Old Hunter.

The stainless Freyana was rapidly altered by illness and death. In her, an instinct was born. She was capable of reviving even death by relying on the forces of nature.