All these changes are subject to change and they are only informative.

Nature Heroes’ pick rate in the tournament was quite high, we needed to address some important issues with Stompy and Tranquility skills. On the other hand some Nature skills were not seeing enough play. Slothy & Quickens and Freyana are the ones receiving the most changes for this preseason.

Slothy & Quickens

Slothy & Quickens was not very good outside the Stompy one-shot combo, which got out of hand at higher levels with little counterplay. We made several changes to address that combo and make other builds more effective.

slothy & quickens Portrait


Brawn Brains

Brawns or brains has been redesigned:
  • Target changed from ally to other ally.
  • Max Health removed
  • Thorns removed
  • Concentration added
  • Changed nature combo to water combo

The idea behind Brawns or Brains, wasn’t really reflected in the previous version of the skill. With these changes, it is now a very powerful buff for one of Slothy & Quickens’ allies but can’t be used on themselves.


New - Concentration: Gives Focus on your next skill.

Forest King

Forest King now applies Fortify and Sacrifice in this order, Maximum Health has been reduced.

To keep consistency with the other Sacrifice skill (Divine Power) we reordered the buffs given so Sacrifice is given after Fortify. This is relevant against skills with Purge.We also adjusted the Maximum Health given by the skill from 100-180 to 120-160. This means a 20% buff at level 7 and a 12% nerf at level 10.


Tremor has been reworked:
  • No longer has pierce
  • Cost changed from 4 to 3
  • Damage reduced
  • Aftershock rework: different effect and now expires at the end of the round.


Aftershock had many problems: investing in it was not worth it because it took too long and could be hard countered with Purge.This new version allows for a good AoE combo damage skill that deals damage for each buff gained the round it's played.

Thorny Journey

Thorny Journey has been changed:
  • Thorns all allies with a lowered amount.
  • Added Nature Combo: Gain fortify

Now Slothy & Quickens take their allies on a Thorny Journey. Giving Thorns to all allies you don’t have to guess which of your Heroes will be targeted by the enemy and it gives a strong counter to AoE and multi-hit skills.



Challenge max health value has been increased.

After the reduction and removal of Maximum Health amounts in other skills, we adjusted the values to this core Slothy & Quickens skill.

Thorny Provoke

Thorny Provoke now gives max health while thorns amount has been slightly reduced.

Thorny Provoke was the only Taunt skill that didn’t give any defensive value, we reduced the Thorns amount by about 10% and gave it a Maximum Health increase.

Walnut Shower

Walnut shower damage has been slightly increased.

A small increase in damage to keep consistency with other skills.



Stompy has been reworked:
  • The damage % no longer scales per level, it’s fixed at 25% of Maximum Health.
  • No longer applies Dizzy
  • Heals himself if below 50% max health. The amount healed scales with progression.

Stompy scaling double dips, from damage buffs such as Strong or Lucky Strike and Maximum Health. Increasing the damage value with the progression made the skill way too powerful at higher levels. With these changes we think it’s still a powerful skill capable of killing an enemy Hero when buffed with Status and Maximum Health but will require more effort to do so. Having the conditional healing, helps Slothy & Quickens to stay alive and tanking damage from enemies.

Channeling Life

Channelling of Life now takes 20% max hp to Heal 40% to 55% of your max health and dispels (1-2) to another ally.

The previous version of this skill was too strong and had problems with the progression. With this change we believe it is a good playable heal with standard dispel scaling.


We think Freyana is in a good place, we addressed a couple of consistency issues, gave her an AoE heal and a new mechanic.We also had to take a look at Tranquility, the skill with the most win rate in the tournament.

Freyana Portrait


Razor Leaf

Razor Leaf has been reworked:
  • Renamed to Venomous Leaf
  • Applies Poisonous buff instead of thorns.

Razor Leaf didn't see barely any play in Freyana healer builds so we reworked it and gave it a synergistic effect with Freyana poison builds.


New - Poisonous: Once the Hero is attacked, poisons back the attacker.


Thornwhip now deals damage first and then poisons the enemy.

This change was needed to keep the consistency with other skills and makes it better against Immune.


Barkskin has been redesigned.
  • Cost changed from 1 to 4.
  • Instant Tag removed
  • Healing values heavily increased.
  • Wounded target: Extra Healing.

Freyana didn’t have any strong AoE heals, so we changed barkskin to fill that role.


Flower Beam

Flower Beam now has the Champion tag.

With the Support Status Effect changes, freyana needed some Champion skills, we feel Flower Beam was the perfect candidate.



Tranquility has been adjusted.
  • Cost changed from 4 to 5.
  • Changed from 2 buffs to 1 and 3 buffs to 2 buffs at level 10.
  • Numeric amounts from Thorns and Protection have been slightly reduced.

Tranquility was the most powerful skill of the game. The skill was too versatile, being both powerful as a disruptive mechanic (Silence) and defensive (Protection, Fortify and Thorns). With these changes it keeps its main utility, silencing all enemies and the defensive value comes from leveling up the skill.


Kong is in a good place, and is the Hero that benefited the most from the Focus buff. We just had a buff and a small adjustment for him.

Kong Portrait



Concealment self-heal amount increased.

Taking into account the Focus buff, we give an increase in self-heal to this signature Kong skill.


Furtive Attack

Furtive Attack has the scaling in the condition removed.

This skill gained an extra +1% Critical Damage in the condition at level 10 and it was not intended (this was a bug).