“Destiny is just a cruel joke. You will never know the truth.”

Born to one of the most potent infernal families, followers of the Evil Gods, she found herself elevated above others from an early age due to her ruthless personality.

Giovanna devoted all her time to training to become the blade of the Evil Gods, a weapon of destruction. Always yearning for an opportunity to show off her skills, she participated in countless invasions. No one was safe wherever she went. Assassinations ensued, and she eventually earned the nickname, Reaper.

When the Evil Gods invaded the lands of Runaria, Commander Giovanna was at the forefront of the invasion. She was the protegee of the Infernal Titan Vulcanus and one of his more trusted subordinates, leading thousands of soldiers during the destruction of Eureka.

She was ordered to kill the leader of the famous League of Inventors, an association of powerful inventors and makers of the most beautiful inventions in all Runaria.

In order to infiltrate the most secure fortress of the gnomes and reach the chambers of the renown inventor Werksberg, she made use of her stealth abilities and entered the room as silently as she left, not before slitting the gnome’s throat while he slept. A flawless performance as per usual, or was it…

Something caused the door to open, revealing a young gnome who was looking for her father. They both gazed at each other, locking eyes for a minute. Giovanna raised her scythe and swung it. She was unfazed even though the scythe stopped an inch from the youngling’s neck. The young girl approached her father’s dead body and tried unsuccessfully to awaken him. The Reaper was petrified. She had killed children before, but something had now changed, and she was unsure of why. Her mind was in turmoil.

Overwhelmed by the situation, she left the gnome’s fortress, leaving all behind. Once Vulcan heard the news, he became filled with rage and sent assassins to take her head. No one was so dumb to betray Vulcanus.

Hated by the inhabitants of Runaria, marked as a traitor and pursued by countless assassins, Giovanna’s journey of survival began. She kept her ruthless personality and fought against everyone who got in her way.

As much as she hated to admit it, she didn’t know why she left the young girl alive, but she would never look back on her actions. She alone would control her fate, for she is the master of her actions.