We are delighted to announce that the Pre Season of Elemental Raiders is ending soon! We would like to express our appreciation to all players who have participated and contributed to its success thus far.

As a token of our gratitude for your unwavering effort and commitment, we have prepared some thrilling rewards. Participants in the Pre Season will be granted an Arena Chest and a Raid Chest, containing Runestones, Skill Cards, and an in-game Avatar.

Moreover, if you have attained 2600 trophies in Arena (PvP) at any point during the Pre Season, you will also be granted the coveted Giovanna Triumphant Skin.

Please bear in mind that the rewards you receive will be based on your performance throughout the Pre Season. The higher your ranking, the more impressive the rewards. So gear up to collect your prizes and continue your journey as a Runaria champion!