“The events of this world are inevitable, like the tides”

Atlantians are the subjects of countless myths and stories. Believed to be the long-existing human race who lived on the Forgotten Isles, they are a sea race that has mastered the control of the oceans.

A ritual is conducted to channel the powers of the ocean onto the newborns, as all Atlantians are born with the ability to manipulate water. It had never occurred before, but during the rite for the infant named Reef, the water in the ocean’s depths became tumultuous. The ritual concluded, and the ocean became calm once more—a terrible omen.

Raised as a warrior in the Atlantean tradition, he was unique for his dominion of the water was far beyond any of his peers, although he barely had the power to control it.

Fearing the destruction of their beloved civilization, as it occurred three hundred years before, when the ocean devoured the Island of Atlantia, rumors of Reef soon spread to every corner of the archipelago.

Abandoned by his fellow citizens, Reef decided to leave his homeland. He isolated from the outside in a desolate place in the Forgotten Isles. Reef remained undisturbed when the world cast him out and the evil gods’ henchmen flooded the oceans as several islands were engulfed during the catastrophe.

One day, from the shore, hundreds of tritons and terrifying creatures appeared on that deserted island. Reef flung open the door to his hut, unfazed by the sight of countless enemies eyeing him appetizingly. The water surrounding the island began to whirl with nothing but a small movement from his harpoon, until the entire place was engulfed in a waterspout. All creatures were obliterated and vanished from the surface in a matter of seconds.
Reef sighted and returned to his hut to collect his belongings. He then boarded a small fishing vessel and set out to the main continent. Even if the world had outcast him, he could not sit idly by while the people were in pain.

He sighted and returned to his hut to take his belongings. After that, he took a small fishing boat and started his journey to the main continent. He couldn’t stay idle while the world was suffering even if the world outcasted him.