“I feel the water on the tip of my fingers. This power belongs to the chosen!”

While gnomes are known for being inventors and tinkerers who use fire as fuel for their creations, a small percentage of gnomes have chosen a different route and follow the currents of magic in order to connect with the water spirits.

Despite the events that occurred on Runaria, this tribe of gnomes continued to dwell in harmony close to a lake, guarded by the formidable water spirit known as the Lady of the Lake.

This village gave birth to Ran, who, from an early age, showed aptitude and soon rose to the top among her peers as a wizard. She ascended through the Lake priesthood’s ranks and eventually became its youngest priestess.

When the disaster occurred, the villagers had assembled in front of their spiritual leader, the Lady of the Lake. The order was clear: no demonic minions were to put their soiled paws on the sacred lake.

Ran mounted on her disk and shot off into the distance; this was her chance to experience an adventure. But the reality was too harsh. All she saw was burned villages, destroyed lands, and the people of Runaria enslaved. The youth changed from a happy, tender mage to a reserved scholar.

The lake was being increasingly threatened as enemies gathered in greater numbers, preparing to launch a final attack.

With the power of the lake behind her, Ran stumbled upon the evil armies growing stronger and preparing for the inevitable battle.

She must now fight to survive.