Raiders, brace yourselves for the ultimate battle! We’re ecstatic to unveil our most awaited event of the year: The Elemental Raiders Tournament. This is the platform to prove your mettle, showcase your prowess, and earn your place among the legends.

Your Arena, Your Rules

Tournament mode promises a riveting twist on our classic gameplay. Here, the heart of Elemental Raiders beats faster as every player finds themselves on an even battleground, all players’ Skills will be at the same level. And while you might think you know your strengths, remember, you’ll only wield skills you’ve previously unlocked.

The Battle Commences

Prepare to mark your calendars. This is the tournament’s schedule:


Qualifier 1
October 13th to 15th

Qualifier 2
October 20th to 22nd

Qualifier 3
October 27th to 29th

Qualifier 4
November 3rd to 5th

November 19th

December 8th to 10th

Rewards for All, Glory for the Best

Victory on the battlefield is sweet, but the spoils of war make it even sweeter. Every participant stands a chance to earn in-game rewards, including powerful Rune Stones, rare Skills, and coveted Elemental Crystals. As you climb the ranks, the rewards grow richer. Those who prove their mettle and rise to the top four will share an astounding total of $5,000 in GFAL tokens. And as the ultimate testament to their dominance, the champion will be awarded a unique, 1 of 1 skin, an emblem of their unrivalled prowess in the Elemental Raiders universe.

Journey to Dreamhack Valencia

Dream of basking in the limelight at Dreamhack Valencia? Here’s your shot! GFAL takes pride in supporting the finest by covering up to $1,000 of accommodation costs for the two prodigious playoff finalists. Valencia beckons, Raiders. Will you answer the call?

Stay Connected

Technical snags or queries? We got you! Our dedicated support team on Discord is always ready to assist and ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Raiders, the stakes have never been this high. The arena awaits your arrival and the crowds chant in anticipation.

Sharpen your skills, rally your spirits, and let the battles begin!