We had an incredible experience at DreamHack Valencia 2023, where we proudly showcased our flagship game, Elemental Raiders.

With a well-equipped booth featuring nine PC stations, we had the opportunity to engage directly with our user base and the gaming community, gathering invaluable feedback to enhance our game.

The event surpassed our expectations, with hundreds of enthusiastic gamers flocking to our booth to experience Elemental Raiders firsthand.

Their positive responses and active participation made it a resounding success. Throughout the weekend, we recorded over 260 hours of gameplay, providing us with a wealth of data to refine our game and improve the user experience.

We were thrilled by the interest shown in Elemental Raiders by seasoned players, top esports teams, and influencers. Their valuable feedback and discussions about potential involvement in our upcoming tournaments reaffirmed the game’s potential.

Undoubtedly, the event’s highlight was when Elemental Raiders took the main stage for an intense best-of-three (Bo3) match. Our co-founder and game director, Marc Tormo, and game designer Ferran Oltra delivered an electrifying performance that captivated the packed crowd and showcased the game’s potential on a larger stage.

We’re excited to announce that in collaboration with DreamHack, we’ve designed the first Elemental Raiders Championship Series.

The finals will take place at the next DreamHack Valencia event in December, featuring a substantial prize pool and providing further exposure for Elemental Raiders.

Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming weeks!

We also received invitations to several side events in the upcoming months and were honored by the interest shown by major companies like Chainlink.

Our innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology into our gaming model resonated well with gamers and industry players.

The response was overwhelmingly positive when explaining our business model and the benefits of blockchain to traditional Web 2.0 gamers. The idea of players truly owning their accounts and progression struck a chord with many, reinforcing our belief that blockchain is the future of gaming.

Last but not least, we had an exciting raffle in partnership with Samsung!

Participants who played Elemental Raiders had a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S23, generating significant buzz and concluding the DreamHack Valencia 2023 weekend on a high note.

As we bid farewell to DreamHack, we depart with valuable data, connections, renewed confidence, and excitement for the future of Elemental Raiders.

Here’s to the next event and the continued success that lies ahead!