The Elemental Raiders Ignite Tournament has officially ended. The tournament was a huge success, with players from all over the world competing against each other in PvP battles, showcasing their skills and strategies in hopes of becoming the ultimate champion.

Now that the battle is over, champions have risen, and it’s time to enjoy the spoils of war. All non-NFT rewards are claimable in-game, while NFTs and cryptocurrencies will be distributed soon. The process for claiming rewards will be made clear in both written and video formats, with more information to come soon.

Players can check the tournament leaderboard to see where they stand and who emerged as the top performers in the tournament:

GFAL Ignite Tournament Leaderboard

The rewards for the top-performing players are also listed on the tournament rewards page, where players can see what they have won and how to claim their prizes:

Tournament Rewards

We extend our warm congratulations to all the participants of the Elemental Raiders Ignite Tournament. Your dedication and hard work have made this tournament a great success, and we thank you for your participation.

We hope that this tournament has been a source of joy and excitement for you, and we look forward to hosting many more tournaments in the future. Our promise is to continue to bring you the best and most thrilling tournaments, with even bigger and better rewards, to keep your competitive spirits alive.

Keep honing your skills for the next battle, and stay tuned for updates and announcements.