“The Southeast Asian market has always been one of the biggest adopters of Web3 and mobile gaming, we see a lot of value in that region. YGG SEA’s arsenal and abilities within this market are very impressive, and we’re proud to be one of their partners”, says Adria Mir, blockchain and gaming expert at Games for a Living.

We’re excited to announce YGG SEA as our latest strategic partner, excited to be a part of the gaming revolution.

As an ecosystem partner with YGG SEA, there will be a range of mutual benefits and elements to build a better future for Web3 gaming. Commitment, growth and development of Web3 gaming as a model – shifting towards a sustainable and long term model is important for both parties. For that reason, YGG SEA and Games for a Living through our upcoming game Elemental Raiders together aim to attract more scholars, and gather valuable investors.

What is YGG SEA?

YGG SEA, the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for acquiring and managing NFTs used in the metaverse and gaming. Their mission is to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia. YGG SEA is a founding member of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance. In 6 months, YGG SEA proudly surpassed 10,000 over scholarships, and invested in more than 76 projects with 10 released games. YGG SEA has been present in 4 countries, YGG SEA’s goal is to cover Southeast Asia by the end of 2024.

Games for a Living x YGG SEA

Following sheds light on some of the details of our partnership with YGG SEA.

• Post announcing partnership on socials, YGG SEA aims to assist Games for a Living in our upcoming game Elemental Raiders with additional marketing activities on its community channels and vice versa.
• Web3 space and Metaverse especially are all about partnerships, and hence both parties will share their networks and help to create valuable partnerships for each other.

“Our partnership with YGG SEA allows us to comprehensively reach broader markets, and with the help of YGG SEA, we’ll be able to scale and penetrate into the market more effectively”, continues Adria Mir!

“With the way GameFi is growing, especially on mobile – we have a lot to look forward to! We’ve seen how gaming as an industry grew dominated by mobile games, and we’re keen to forge partnerships with players who genuinely understand what gamers want and can deliver what’s most important, which is a great game! We’re thrilled to continue creating partnerships like with Games for a Living to attract more talent and help our scholars by providing more opportunities within the region.” said Evan Spytma, CEO of YGG SEA.

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About Games for a Living

Games for a Living is a blockchain gaming platform created by a team of seasoned and experienced video game industry professionals. The ecosystem consists of a game development engine, launchpad, software development kit, a full-stack exchange with an integrated wallet and a broker as well as its very own $GFAL token which serves as the underlying token across its games. Games for a Living also offers its own chain using a hybrid proof of Authority and proof of work consensus model that is more usable, secure, scalable, stable, fast, transparent, compatible and environmentally friendly than any other solution currently available, providing a good balance between security, energy and efficiency.
The first game developed and published under Games for a Living is called Elemental Raiders, set to launch in Q4 2022, with many more to come along the way.
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