We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Yield Guild, a Web3 gaming guild that stands as arguably one of the biggest in the world. We’re working around the clock with our SDK engines, helping game developers deploy their games on our platform and private chain – while YGG will help us with the exposure and community that we need. With the NFT founder’s chests now live and available for purchase, a lot of NFT chests will be distributed to the YGG community ahead of Elemental Raiders, the first game to be released from our lineup.

Elemental Raiders will allow PvP as well as PvE tournaments, with unique rewards. With its own marketplace where players can obtain chests to upgrade, convert skills to NFTs as well as trade assets, Games for a Living also now has a leaderboard feature to promote the competitive nature of the platform.

Games for a Livinghas provided YGG with 1,500 skins with a unique YGG logo, as well as 500 Games for a Living chests worth US$35,000, securing each player with a chest containing three NFT skins with common, rare, or epic rarities. The skins will entitle the players to five arena tickets, which they can use to earn token rewards.

“Games for a Living, under Manel Sort’s expertise in the Web2 gaming space, will bring an uproar in the Web3 gaming space by introducing a whole new brand of fun and competitive play-to-earn games” said Sarutobi Sasuke, YGG’s Head of Partnerships. “The YGG community is excited and proud to have them as a partner in combining the best of the Web2 and Web3 gaming worlds, consequently creating a revolutionary inflection point towards a rich play-to-earn gaming experience.”

This partnership will further increase the collaboration and engagement between Games for a Living and YGG, promoting the empowerment of play-to-earn communities.

“Our partnership with YGG allows Games for a Living as well as Elemental Raiders and all of our other upcoming titles to take a long-term approach towards empowering the Web3 gaming community” said Manel Sort, CEO and co-founder of Games for a Living. “Through using our initial game assets, they will get early access to our first games releasing this September and help us shape the future of Games for a Living” he added.

Players select three heroes from nine heroes available in their inventory, with each hero drawing a card in each turn from their deck of six cards. During each turn, there is a priority system where the order of attack is decided on different factors within the game. Each player attacks alternatively until all the skills are spent within that round. Mana is a resource cost that is needed to cast the skills and increases incrementally in each turn. To win the game, the player must defeat the three heroes of the other party.

The game’s play-to-earn feature can be accessed by obtaining arena tickets, which players can collect by holding GFAL tokens or holding game NFTs in the player’s wallet. The game issues token rewards dependent on the leaderboard position for every arena victory. The tickets, which are needed to earn rewards, get refilled daily, and each player can hold up to 50 tickets.

Besides being the gateway to the play-to-earn feature, the GFAL token also functions as the platform token for all the upcoming games in Games for a Living. In addition to this, players can farm Elemental crystals that can be used for the following:

  • Buying NFT skins
  • Minting and upgrading NFT skills
  • Buying chests
  • Buying soft currencies
  • Reforging attribute skills

The team behind Games for a Living and Elemental Raiders offers their combined experience in the gaming and production sector.

Manel Sort, the CEO of Games for a Living, is a Web2 gaming veteran with more than 20 years of experience as a developer, studio manager and CEO of over 60 games that have generated over US$1 billion in revenue. Christian Gascons, COO, has 16 years of experience as a client and server programmer for cross-platform free-to-play online games.

Javier Leon, the team’s art director, is an accomplished CGI artist and art director with over 25 years of experience. He has also been nominated for an Emmy Award for his work in the Netflix series, “The Crown.” He is regarded as one of the top 200 digital artists in the world by Lürzer’s Archive, with his last NFT selling for US$1.5 million.

Marc Tormo, the team’s game designer, is a former Blizzard Entertainment employee with 14 years of experience in game design.

Christian Gascons, the COO and technical director, also a former Blizzard Entertainment employee who has worked In the video games industry since 2006.

Games for a Living’s Elemental Raiders is in open beta, which allows all interested players to download and test the game.